The Boomerang Photo Booth!

The hip alternative to a traditional photo booth all wrapped up into a sexy little package! Creating short animated clips (GIFs) that you can text right to your phone! When your guests approach The Boomerang Booth, they are greeted with a simple instruction: "Touch Me". When they touch the screen, Boomerang captures a few quick frames (or still photos, they get to choose!), loops them into an animated GIF and immediately displays the result. While people are giggling at the animation, Bommerang uploads the file to our cloud platform. Guests can then tap "send it to me" to enter their phone number, or "again" to make another. If they enter a phone number, Boomerang sends an SMS with a link to their GIF.

The Boomerang Booth does not make prints. Its all about social media!

Props are not included, nor are they necessary, it is fun all by itself!

Strong Internet connection is required in order to receive texts immediately, they are otherwise sent over straight away once wifi is reached!

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